Oz, The Great and Powerful's plan to create a new breed of super soldiers to win her war for her.

She periodically captures COG soldiers in engineered "freak accidents", using The Surgeon to turn them into super soldiers of some variety. The majority of her spartans are axioms, with a few being Neurodonors in the form of hell hounds or war horses.

Sometimes the men are brought straight back to her, other times they are returned to their camp to sow dissent and discord before they're eventually recaptured by Oz.

All of these spartans have had pivotal impacts on the war, but they weren't always in Oz's favor.

Oz is still creating spartans, but this time it's more of a cruel joke than any sort of super soldiers. The spartans put their weakest children out to die, and that's what Oz does with anyone who does not benefit from her expirements.

She captures Mantissa "Issa" Argona who is only 16 at the time, and her youngest yet. Oz herself desperately wants to become an Adam/Eve Unit, but has so far been unsuccessful in creating any. She succeeds for the first time ever with Issa, only because Issa is so young and her brain still plastic enough to accept the dragon implanted into her.

Any of her failed experiments become Rapunzels.