The pursuit of forbidden knowledge was Adam and Eve's first sin. The pursuit of that same knowledge is what AE-Users are guilty of. A dragon's brain is a massive and complex organ, but if you can remove a specific part of their brain and implant it into yours, you can gain access to a well of knowledge heretofore unknown. AE-Users have multiple abilities, which vary between people and the dragons implanted. The most well-known symptoms of AEU's is induced schizophrenia; AE-Users can hear the voice of the slain dragon in their head, and they have to share their mind with the consciousness of that dragon. The AEU better have been willingly given, or you're going to be living with an angry voice for the rest of your short life.

Known Powers Edit

Six-Limb Drive: Neurodonors who also have an AEU can run bodies with six limbs instead of four.

Pigeon Navigation: So named for its similarity to a homing pigeon's ability to always find their way home, AE-Users have a supernaturally good sense of direction.